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Customising Your Signature

Please note:

This page is aimed at web developers, or those comfortable with HTML. If you need your email signature customised, please contact your web developer and point them toward this page.

Any signature can be customised by clicking the cog icon on the selected signature, or clicking ‘code one yourself’ at the top of the signature design page.


Customising the email signature requires knowledge of the following:

  • HTML
  • Templating languages (Handlebars, in this case)
  • HTML layout compatability in email clients

If you are not confident in the above, we’d advise you stick to the standard templates. Most web developers should be comfortable making minor changes, and those experienced with HTML within an email setting will be able to create whole new signatures from scratch.

Would you like us to build you a custom signature?

We’re experienced with building custom signatures, and we happen to know Squiggle pretty well. If you’d like to work with us click the button to learn more.

Templates & Variables

Squiggle email signatures written in the Handlebars template language. Variable placeholders provide access to all the Company and User specific information required. There is also an image helper so logos and other images can be input into the template.

A reference of variables is available on the page. Clicking a variable inserts it into the template editor box.

Image Helper

Squiggle provides a flexible image helper to aid the inclusion of images within signatures. All images are hosted on Squiggle servers, so they aren’t included within the email payload as attachments.

We haven’t built a Dropbox

You can manage your images within the account login area via the Image Upload modal. This function is designed for small images such as logos, award badges and marketing banners for use exclusively within Squiggle email signatures.

Clicking ‘Insert Image’ allows you to manage images then insert them in the template. The helper tag takes the form of:

{{image id=92  width="120" height="120" alt="" mode="fit" }}

The width and height configure will configure the HTML image tag that is output and also re-render the source image uploaded to the appropriate dimensions. The mode currently supports ‘Fit’ which tells the image helper to maintain the crop and ratio of the image, and resample it down to the largest dimension.

‘Retina’ images are rendered by the helper where it can, so if the source image has a large enough resolution it will be resampled to double the required size, with the output image tag specifying the intended pixel dimensions. This ensures pin sharp graphics in email signatures.