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How to Onboard Customers

We designed Squiggle with agencies firmly in mind – in fact, it was our original inspiration for the product.

There are a couple of main approaches to onboard new customers. These methods can be combined / changed,


Step 1: Sign up the customer

Sign up your customer using their email address, and create them a password. They’ll receive a welcome email. From here you can set them up their signature, help add their users, and let them demo the product at no cost.

As with other customer credentials, the new password should be stored securely (e.g. LastPass) and provided to the customer via a phone call or other secure method (e.g. Lastpass!)

Step 2: Call them and upgrade the account to a paid plan

Once they’re ready to upgrade, click the ‘upgrade’ button in the account and give them a call. Collect their credit card details and enter directly into the fields within Squiggle.


Step 1: Direct the customer to Squiggle Website

They can check out the features on the main page:

Or, you can send them directly into onboarding :

Step 2: Retrieve customer password

To manage the signature for your customer you’ll need their login credentials. We’d recommend collecting these on a call, and encourage them not send them cleartext within an email.