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Installing the Squiggle Plugins

Our plugins have been designed for easy of use, and you should be able to follow the instructions after downloading. Here are the installation steps below.

Please Note: Squiggle currently supports desktop users, using Either Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Apple Mail for MacOS.

Please read more here about our plugin support.

1. Receive the welcome email

Once your Squiggle administrator has entered your email address as a Squiggle user, you should receive an email with a plugin download link:

Follow the link to the download page, where you’ll be prompted to install either the Outlook or Apple Mail signature, depending upon your computer.

If you can’t find the welcome email, click below to visit the plugin download page.

2. Install the Squiggle Plugin

For Windows Outlook Users…

If you’ve downloaded the Windows Outlook plugin, simply follow the on screen instructions.

For Apple Mail Users…

Apple Mail users – there’s a couple of steps to get started. Follow the on-screen instructions or click below for an animated guide.

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