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The marketing feature allows you to include a marketing banner within your email signature. This can be an excellent way to upsell a particular product or service, or could even be used for short company updates / news items for your customers.

The marketing banner can be configured, then activated / deactivated from the button at the top right of the screen.

Configure a marketing banner:

Navigate to the marketing section using the main menu, marketing is also linked to from the dashboard.

Adding a marketing banner to your signature is simple – click the image icon in the editor, then upload your banner as an image file.

A preview of your new banner will now appear in the context of your signature design.

Click save to finish and add the banner to your signature.

Best practices for marketing banners:

Design with smartphones in mind

Most emails you send will be read on smartphones, so imagine your banner displaying on a small smartphone. Will your text be legible on a smaller screen?

Banners are often created in a wide in format: this is bad for display on a smartphone. We recommend designing your banner in a portrait or square shape; these will display well on smartphones.

Upload your marketing banner at least double the intended size

Using the Squiggle image helper we make sure all our displayed graphics are ‘retina’. This means they display pin sharp on smartphones, and look great.

Because of this, be sure to upload your markerting banner at double the size it will be displayed at.

Simple messages in text

The marketing function can also be used for simple messages in text. Text may be input and styled with bold, italic and underline and will display within your email signature.

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