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Quick Start Guide

After signing up, there are some simple steps to getting up and running.

Step 1: Business Details

Fill in your remaining business details that should appear on the signature. Business details is the information that may appear on all of your email signatures such as business address, phone number, and company social media profiles.

Every detail might not appear on your signature.

Not all business details may appear on your signature, this is a design choice depending upon which signature you have chosen.

Step 2: Add your users

Add your team members who will have their own signature. Once added, a user will be emailed a link to download the Squiggle plugin, plus a PIN code to activate their signature. No further administration is required.

Step 3: Signature Design

You can choose from a number of signature templates. Your business and user data will remain the same, and you can change your signature design at any time. If you understand HTML you can also customise your signature or create an entirely new one.

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