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Squiggle Compatibility & Email Program Support

Squiggle works via a plugin for that’s installed on your email program. This means for you & your team to use Squiggle, you’ll need to be using one of the following:

Does Squiggle work with emails sent from my smartphone or tablet?

No, at the moment it doesn’t. We built this product to work with all possible email providers (Google, Microsoft, GoDaddy, LCN, Rackspace etc…) and to do that, we decided to use plugins as described above.

We’ve also based this on experience: all of our requests over the years have prioritised email from desktop computers, and we’ve rarely been asked for mobile signatures.

We fully understand this won’t suit everyones needs, and do have plans to expand Squiggle to incorporate smartphone and tablet signatures.

Notify me when you support webmail and / or Smartphone email!

Will my Squiggle Signature look OK when received on a smartphone or tablet?

Absolutely, it’ll look great. In fact, Squiggle supports responsive signatures – a unique feature among signature management solutions, which ensures your signature will adapt and look brilliant when viewed on a smartphone: great layout, and pin sharp graphics.

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