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User Management

Squiggle makes makes it simple to add new users or manage existing ones. Start by navigating to the users page.

From here you can add new users, amend the details of existing users or remove a user’s signature.

You can also resend the welcome email to a user at any time.

Adding Users

Users represent the unique email addresses in your organisation that require an email signature. For example, if you had the following team of members who all required a signature:

  • Tom (
  • Jane (
  • Liz (

You would create three users: one for each signature.

Adding and editing users:

  • To add a new user, click the ‘add new user button’ at the top right of the users page. You’ll need to enter the user’s name and email address. Once a user has been added they’ll be sent a welcome email prompting them to install the plugin in order to be able to use Squiggle on their computer.
  • To edit the details of an existing user, click their name on the users page to launch the edit user screen. Remember to click save user once you’re done editing to make sure the details are saved.
  • To remove a user, click the red cross next to a user in the list on the users page.

User Details

Each user has some basic fields that should be filled in, including their name and email address. Other fields may be optional, depending upon what you’d like to display on the signature template. For example: some users may have their own telephone number which might override the company number or be displayed in addition to it within the email signature.

Shared email addresses (and signatures)

Taking the following example to illustrate a scenario where two or more people share one email address:

  • Jane (
  • Tom (
  • Liz (

In this case both Tom and Liz require the same signature. This is fine; if both have access to the accounts@ email address, both will receive instructions on how to install the signature.

In this case you may want to put the ‘First Name’ fields as ‘Tom & Liz’ and leave the ‘Last Name’ field blank, so the email signature correctly applies to both of them.


You may want to put the ‘First Name’ field as ‘Tom & Liz’ and leave the ‘Last Name’ field blank, so the email signature correctly applies to both of them.

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